McCormick Dark Chili Powder, 20 oz

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This dark chili powder always combine with ripe peppers and expertly blend with garlic, salt and spices.  It has a slightly sweet flavor and little hotter than McCormick's regular chili powder. This chili powder makes a delicious rub for beef, pork or chicken in a natural grill. Perk up the flavor of meatless dishes, bean soups and stews with a sprinkling of robust dark chili powder

  • Made With Whole, Ripe Peppers
  • A Robust Blend of Ripe Peppers, Garlic, Salt And Spices
  • Gives Rich Earthy Flavor And Deep Color to Southwestern Chili And Tex-Mex Tacos
  • Rub Dark Chili Powder on Beef, Pork or Chicken Before Grilling

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